Popular Use Cases

  • Students - Practice solving math, physics, chemistry, data structure and algorithm problems.
  • Developers - We love whiteboards. Period.
  • Designers - Ignore the fine details and focus on the big picture.
  • Influencers - Speaking at a conference? Let people know how they can reach you. Share your Twitter handle.
  • Digital Nomads - You're at coffee shops with your laptop. Hundreds of people pass by you every day. Why not make use of your empty laptop lid? Be creative!
I got one of these early. It’s been quite handy for IT architecture discussions while sitting in our cafeteria or at my desk. The advantage has been that you can diagram instantly without having to boot the laptop/log in, and launch Visio. This keeps the conversation flow going and shortens these discussions. Take a quick photo of the drawing and email it to record the conversation.
— Matt Murphy