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Turn your laptop into a portable whiteboard!

  • Made One for Myself August 2016
    I am a software engineer and an entrepreneur. I used a whiteboard to brainstorm and solve problems every day, so I made a portable whiteboard for myself.
  • Front Page on Reddit November 2016
    I shared how I made this on Reddit and it got on the front page of Reddit. Soon after, it was also covered on Lifehacker.
  • Giveaways December 2016
    It was Christmas time and I wanted to share some joy. I gave out a few to the people that followed this project and they loved it!
  • Pre-orders January 2017
    Lots of people have asked me if I could make one for them. I created a pre-order page and sold over $5000 on the first day.

  • #1 on Hacker News January 2017
    I shared Sketchcase - Whiteboard sticker for your laptop on Hacker News and got to #1 with 423 upvotes! Here's the link:
  • In-house Manufacturing February 2017
    I purchased a small machine to be flexible enough to take custom orders and offered free custom sizing to everyone that pre-ordered.

  • Pre-orders Shipped March 2017
    Manufacturing individual custom sizes took much longer than I anticipated but managed to ship everything out with a help of my friends ❤️

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