Apple MacBook Air 13 inch

13" MacBook Air Whiteboard Skin (2011-2017)

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This page has been replaced with The Whiteboard Skin.

Sketchcase is a special laptop cover that turns any laptop into a portable whiteboard. On the surface, Sketchcase uses a combination of anti-graffiti and scratch resistant materials to create the perfect whiteboard. Underneath is a premium vinyl that utilizes air egress technology to prevent air bubbles, making it very easy to install.

People have been using whiteboards to come up with amazing ideas and to solve all sorts of problems. We've taken this whiteboard experience and made it portable by attaching it to the one object that we carry around every day that is just big enough to be used as a whiteboard: our laptops. Now, you can have a whiteboard to come up with amazing ideas and solve problems wherever you go!