Making a Custom Sized Sketchcase

This is a tutorial on how to make your own custom sized Sketchcase whiteboard cover using the same high-quality materials.

We received many requests to make Sketchcase in different sizes. While we are working on expanding our product line, we realized that the fastest way to allow more people to use our product is by teaching how to cut your own.

Materials You'll Need

  1. DIY Sketchase Whiteboard Cover
  2. A Ruler
  3. A Pencil
  4. An X-Acto knife or a pair of scissors

Step 1. Get the Dimensions
You have two options to get the dimensions of your laptop:

You can measure the width and height of the laptop lid using a ruler or search for the manufacture specifications online.
Measuring MacBook dimensions using a ruler
Find the model number on the bottom of your laptop and search for the dimensions on Google (eg. apple macbook pro 15 retina 2013 dimensions).

The dimensions are 35.89cm x 24.71cm but we recommend adding 0.1cm -0.5cm margins depending on the curvature of the laptop (Adding margins means making it smaller than the actual dimensions). We'll use 0.5cm margins for this tutorial. 0.5cm margins on all sides so we'll subtract 1cm from the dimensions above, resulting in 34.89cm x 23.71cm.

Step 2. Mark the Cutting Lines
Use a pencil to lightly mark the cutting lines using the logo as the reference point.
Marking the cut lines

Step 2. Cut
Paper trimmers are available for free in major print shops, such as Staples. For this tutorial, I'll use a ruler and a rotary cutter.
Cut width and height

Step 3. Cut Corners
We'll have to get creative with this one. We need to first find the right corner radius and cut it using a pair of scissors or an X-Acto knife. I'll use an X-Acto knife so I'll also need something to trace the cut. I found coins to be really useful.

Canadian Coins

canadian two dollar coin

canadian penny

canadian quarterCut Sketchcase Whiteboard Cover Corner

Cut corner of Sketchcase whiteboard cover

Step 4. After you cut all four corners, apply the cover following the next set of instructions.

  1. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Please be sure to remove all dirt and oils.

  2. Use the included cleaning wipe to clean your device surface thoroughly.

  3. Peel the whiteboard cover. It uses a special adhesive that only sticks when you apply pressure for easy installation.

  4. Align 
Carefully align the whiteboard cover to the center of your device.

Apply pressure from center to corners first. This is to prevent any wrinkles that may form in the corners for laptops with rounded edges. Apply pressure to the rest of the cover, always working from the center and outwards.

  6. Be creative and share with your friends :)

Finished Product