(If you purchased a DIY size, please visit for additional instructions)

  1. Wash your hands
    Wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Please be sure to remove all dirt and oils.
  2. Clean your device surface
    Use the included cleaning wipe to clean your device surface thoroughly.
  3. Peel away
    Peel away the whiteboard cover. It uses a special adhesive that only sticks when you apply pressure for easy installation.
  4. Align
    Carefully align the whiteboard cover to the center of your device.
  5. Stick
    Apply pressure from center to corners first. This is to prevent any wrinkles that may form in the corners for laptops with rounded edges. Apply pressure to the rest of the cover, always working from center and outwards.
  6. Be creative!
    We're working on a mini book of how to get more out of a portable whiteboard and we'd loved to hear how you're using your Sketchcase. Please feel free to reach out to us on social media @SketchcaseCOM or email.


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