Custom Sized Sketchcase? Can I put it on a shell case?

You guys are the best! Thank you everyone for backing the project and sharing it on Facebook. We just reached $10,000, which is 250% of our initial goal. Social media really helped a lot.

A couple of important questions have come up and I just wanted to share them with everyone.

When do I choose my size?
Kickstarter only lets us send one survey so we need to wait until the campaign is over. We only have 4 days left!

What if I'm not a MacBook user?
We received a lot of emails saying that they would love to use Sketchcase but they're not a MacBook user, so we added a custom-sized option. We're giving you all the tools we have to make a custom size. It's just that it would be impossible for us to get all the measurements so we're passing on our powers to you. You just need to give us the dimensions of your laptop and we'll make you a custom-sized Sketchcase at no extra cost. We recommend that you leave around 0.5-inch margins if you have rounded edges since there is no way for us to test the curvature without actually buying the laptops ourselves. We'll let you change the radius of the corners as well. I'll make a guide to choosing the right roundness in a few days.

A lot of our early customers did this and they were happy with the results. Here's a picture of one of the custom sizes.

Can I put it on a shell case?
Absolutely! Another benefit having using a case is that you have the option of putting it on and off.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. And if you haven't yet, please help us spread the word by sharing our project! It's really just one click.