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People have been using whiteboards to come up with amazing ideas and to solve all sorts of problems. We've taken this whiteboard experience and made it portable by attaching it to the one object that we carry around, and is just big enough to be used as a whiteboard: our laptops. Now, you can have a whiteboard to come up with amazing ideas and to solve problems wherever you go!


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Sketchcase is easy to apply, holds up great, and accomplishes a very meaningful task for my work. I'm able to collaborate more effectively with a whiteboard always on hand.

Luke W.

As an UX designer, I've done some quick sketching in meetings on it for design work. My main use has been to keep up with notes, and my todo list for the week. The Staedtler Lumocolor correctable pens hold throughout the week, even when being put in and out of my backpack.

Brandon C.

A very unique product that lives up to the description. It comes in handy when sitting at a coffee shop or visualizing a solution for a friend or customer. Well done Sketchcase!

Chris C.

Really easy to apply. The delivery took awhile but nonetheless love the whiteboard skin. It is really useful for fast wireframe sketching. It's also awesome to just draw something funny and have it while you work to make others smile :)

Slavica S.

I've already taken a couple of trips and this is perfect. Colleagues and customers have seen the product and also had immediate interest. It was easy to apply, went on with no bubbles and I enjoy using it.

Otta R.


What is included?

The Whiteboard Case comes with the top cover and a mini folding stand ($10 value) so that you can display the whiteboard on your desk when it's not on your laptop. We'll also throw in an Expo Dry Erase Marker.

The Whiteboard Skin comes with our custom made vinyl for the laptop lid and an alcohol wipe to clean the surface for the installation.

Wouldn't the ink smudge if I put it in my bag?

Dry erase markers are meant for quick writing or drawing sessions. If you made something you would like to keep, simply take a picture. You can use wet erase markers which are markers that are made to be erased with water so that it's more long-lasting than dry erase markers. You can also use permanent markers. We've tested erasing permanent markers with rubbing alcohol after 72 hours and it came off completely without leaving a trace.

Some pictures don't have a logo. Does it come with a logo?

Lots of our customers requested a logo-free version and we listened. No more logos. 

How much is shipping?

The shipping is $5 for US & Canada, and $10 for international.

You'll receive a tracking number once your package has been shipped, except for Canadian orders. Tracking parcel in Canada is too expensive even though we're located in Vancouver, Canada.

After you receive the shipping confirmation email, you can expect to receive the package in

‚ÄĘ 2-4 business days for US and Canada

‚Äʬ†10-14 business days for international

But of course, actual delivery times depend on origin, destination, weather conditions and other factors. We had one international customer who received their package after 40 days (25 business days). It's rare but it does happen.

If it's been past 14 business days since the shipping notification email, please contact your local post office and customs agency to see if your package has arrived and you haven't been notified. For the rare case of a package being lost, we can file a claim after 40 days.

Do you have a size for my laptop?

Each of our products has been tested on a real laptop. Unfortunately, it's impossible to do this for every laptop out there.

The good news is that it's not very hard to cut your own. As a matter of fact, Sketchcase started because my DIY tutorial "I made my laptop into a portable whiteboard" went viral.

Here's the updated guide on how to make your own:

The dimensions for the DIY version are 13.8in x 9.55in. We recommend adding some margins on larger laptops.

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